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399RMB Nufront Quad-core 3G full function tablet test report

时间:2014-08-22 00:00:00

At a media conference at the end of July, Nufront officially launched the TL7689 platform based 3G quad-core tablet. Among them, 8 inches of 3G quad-core tablet solution pushed by Nufront also caused great attention: 1280 x 800 pixel, 8 inches IPS screen, 1GB memory, 8GB storage. As this configuration, the price is only 399 RMB. Comparing with the same type of MediaTek's 3G quad-core tablets, the price can be more than a little bit low. But how the practical experience of this product? Recently I was given a prototype, and tried for two days. There is some personal experience for your reference.


There is no button on the front of it, but only a front camera. As a tablet which can call, however, if there is no front receiver, it seems a little less convenient. Of course, because the machine can support Bluetooth, it can solve this problem by using Bluetooth earphone.

Although on the back of the fuselage is shell plastic material, metallic paint is adopted for processing, but the surface of the whole feeling and does not feel cheap.

Due to the prototype, the fuselage hasn't any LOGO, only a rear camera in the upper left corner on the back. The left side of the fuselage is a SIM card slot.

Other interface and buttons are located at the top of the fuselage. In order: 3.5 mm headphone jack, TF card slot, volume reduction, the volume keys, MIC, MicroUSB and power button.

The speaker is located in the bottom of the fuselage.

Machine adopt the narrow bezel design also, so one hand grip is also very easy. For a phone tablet, this is very necessary.

In general, the product appearance is beautiful, do manual work is also not bad, and didn't give a person the sense of low-end is cheap.

Screen Test

For a ¥399 tablet, the 8 "1280 x 800 pixels IPS screen is a major bright spot. Let's look at the screen performance:

As you can see, the screen shows the ribbon line is clear, in gray, brightness and contrast performance are good.

Make the actual screen display effect, we can see the picture clear and fine.

Because of using the IPS screen, the display effect is very good in every angle. No discoloration, partial color, white wait for a phenomenon.

And the screen of another advantage is that can support the MIPI interface.

Phone and 3G Internet Function

Actually for this tablet, its main function is phone and 3G Internet function. So let's test the function first.

I used my own unicom 3G card and made some telephone calls. The call quality and signal stability are satisfied, but prototype does not lead the receiver, so sounds are channelled through the bottom of the speaker, and the speaker sound quality effect is not good.

Because this tablet supports Bluetooth function, so you can also choose to use connect Bluetooth earphone for calls.

It is the era of mobile Internet, many users want to use Internet anytime and anywhere. It also led to the rapid growth of the 3G/4G flat. Nufront TL7689 scheme can support GSM/WCDMA dual-mode phone function, also support 3G Internet and HSPA + network,which supports the maximum downstream 21 Mbps and upstream 5.76 Mbps per second.

Under the 3G network, prototype test showed ascending and descending rate is around 250 KB/s, which network speed is equal to 2M.

With 3G network, watching video on potatoes is quickly and smoothly. If it is HD video, of course, you will need to buffer a few seconds.

For general Internet browsing the web and watching the video all can satisfy the demand.

Detail Configuration

This tablet uses samsung foundry model 1280 x 800 pixel 8 inches IPS screen. Processor is Nufront TL7689 quad-core processor, with 1GB memory, 8GB EMMC flash, running Android 4.2 system (soon can upgrade to Android 4.4). It equipped with 300000 pixels, 2 million pixels after dual cameras. Battery capacity is 4000 mAH.Support WiFi, bluetooth, support GSM 2G/3G WCMDA calls and Internet access ( it was single card for the current version, but it can  provide support double card double stay models according to customer needs).

AnTuTu evaluation test hardware information. System is currently still Android 4.2, but according to Nufront, it will soon launch the Android 4.4 firmware.

Nufront published information: TL7689 based on architecture of "the big and little" heterogeneous high-performancearchitecture quad-core CPU, low power consumption 1.5 GHz, 1080P HD display and 13 million pixels dual cameras. It supports the RGB, LVDS MIPI interface, etc. The chip also integrated the baseband chip, which support GSM/WCDMA dual-mode phone and Internet access, support downstream HSPA + 21 Mbps and upstream 5.76 Mbps per second.

Gesture UI

As you can see, in addition to the prototype design of a dropdown on the right side of the status bar, largely native Android interface.Sliding of the whole operation, flip of the screen is also very smooth, frame rate is generally at about 40 FPS.

Performance Test

AnTuTu evaluation test score is 17627 points. The result is good, compared with a 1.3 GHz MT8382 running at around 15000.

Nbench test scores, it was just average performance.

Nenamark2 test can do nearly full frame, means playing some of the common basic no problem.

Web performance, compared with MT8382, HTML 5 grades, the METAL grades are slightly higher.

From the above the common run of software testing, the new shoreline TL7689 quad-core performance is not bad.

Of course run points can only be as a reference, how the product or want to see the actual experience. We have in front of the screen, 3G phone and 3G Internet function was tested.Here is the experience of how to look at video games.

Video/Video Games

For tablet, you should use most or surfing the Internet, watching video, playing video games.Then let's take a look at the prototype in the aspects of performance.

Machine with Google Chrome browser, open the continuous opened a few pages, open the speed is very fast (forget to say our this speed is 100 m optical fiber), page zoom, switch also wood has a problem.

Online hd video playback is smooth.

Local video test, we adopted AnTuTu video review.

Test results are below:

TL7689 itself doesn't support 4 k x 2 k video and HEVC, but for most of 1080 p video formats are supported hardware solutions. From the perspective of a test video playback, it was more smoothly. But the machine does not seem to support 1080P of RMVB/WMV format video hardware, and of course this video or can be done by some soft player software solution.

Game, I tried under wild street racing 6, which run fluent. Frame rate is generally about 25 to 30 FPS, whcih means accelerometer and handling is no problem.

Next, under demand higher, I played "the best speed 17", which run smooth. Frame rate can generally be maintained at about 22 FPS. Accelerometer and manipulation are normal.


Though the 4G network is very hot now, but, in fact, 4G coverage is limited. Plus the charges and other issues, at present, it is the most widely used on a mobile device. And quite a long time in the future, the market capacity for 3G intelligent device is still very large.

So Nufront also started very early for the layout of the 3G market, launched last year AP + BP single chip quad-core processors TL7689 3G, and its use is new coastline of independent research and development of 3G baseband.From the point of some of the above test, which is based on 3G phone TL7689 four nuclear 8 inch plate has been completely can meet the needs of most users of online entertainment and calling.At the same time, the configuration of the machine do not weak, especially that piece of 8 inches high IPS screen, only high-end products in the past use, quad-core processors, also supports 3G Internet phone, the price of 399 yuan is a bargain.Compared to the current mainstream in domestic 3G tablet market call MTK quad-core tablet, call competitive advantage.

The 399RMB 3G quad-core scheme based on Nufront of TL7689 tablet is just Nufront's the first bomb in the tablet market. Then, the new shoreline will also joint manufacturer's 3G launch 6.95 inch quad-core product, and will be more cost-effective, anticipated very much.