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Domestic chip with education tablet develop Thailand market

时间:2014-07-24 00:00:00

Recently, Thailand TTI (Thai Transmission Industry) company and shenzhen stars tong technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the stars pass) held on Thailand's second district education tablet (OTPC) project delivery acceptance work conference, the two sides have completed about 380000 sets of Thailand in the tablet work acceptance of delivery. Thai education tablet project will be used in the second district a first-grade students use Thailand north and northeast, cover korat, in the south, Anna can at first glance, etc. It is understood that the stars through the winning of Thailand in the education tablet scheme adopted domestic main control processor chip solution of the original Nufront.

Thailand education tablet project (OTPC, i.e., "one child one tablet" plan), is put forward by the British pull in 2012, the first batch of pilot distribution in central, south, north and northeast of Thailand. Project procurement is divided into four regions - area, two, three, four, partitions the global tender. First part and the second project is mainly used in central and southern Thailand, a first grade students in north and northeast, the third and fourth area project is mainly used in central, southern, northern, northeastern grade one of junior middle school students. The Thai government adopts the government tender purchase way, in the economic developed and backward area rapidly popularize the application of electronic schoolbag, promote pilot education informationization, walking in the world.

quality requirements are very high, also has strict requirements for project performance experience.About Thailand's second district education tablet purchase, Thailand TTI company on a flat plate, plan to carry out a comprehensive and detailed delivery acceptance work, the performance and price advantage for new coastline of master control chip also gave full affirmation.

According to relevant personage, Nufront is a domestic IC design company located in Guangzhou, focusing on the processor in the intelligent terminal, mobile communications, wireless local area network (LAN), etc. core technology research and development. The bid proposal adopted new shoreline development architecture A9 NS115 dual-core processor chip. It is understood that the new coastline has adopted a new generation of AP + BP quad-core SoC single chip TL7689, research and development for developed regions which has the function of 3G mobile communication electronic schoolbag, can make the electronic schoolbag and cloud storage, such as large data collection business closely.

Master control chip design original factory in the industrial chain upstream, to master the core technology, on industry promotion and key project plays an important role, is the necessary factor to drive the industry rapid growth.The domestic chip in Thailand education tablet project success application, indicates China has covered chip design, hardware manufacturing, application software development and system integration of the complete industry chain, education informationization in the upcoming upgrade of education informatization plays an important role.

(Source: China Daily website  )