Registered Trademark

To adapt market competition and have a rapid development, Nufront is extremely zealous in building the trademark system since founded to provide its brands a general protection, and has set up a special department in charge of trademark management and giving proposal regarding brand for final decision. Nufront gives full attention to the work on brand and makes trademark strategy as an important part of the whole commercial strategy. Trademark administration is a rigorous work, Nufront establishes especial rules for trademark administration and will modify the rules in accordance with actual situation. Through which Nufront build up a strict obligation system on trademark printing and make utilization of register brands normative and persistent. To this day, Nufont has obtained several register trademarks and constructed a whole brand strategy system, which highly enhance company’s market competitiveness. It is able to promote the development of the company, enhance the credibility of the company, and increase the advantage of the company by making full use of brand. Establishment of the brand strategy system will be helpful for Nufront to push all of the work regarding trademark and provide a basic security and solid foundation for next step to put brand development strategy into effect.